About bridesmaid dresses

The bridesmaid dresses, wedding bridesmaid's dress. Now there will be the maid of honor, whether western or Chinese wedding bridesmaid dresses according to the choice of the bride's dress to match, unlimited long or short, light color to give priority to


1, in order to avoid too orthodox or leisure clothing, can add fashionable elements in detail place. If it is to wear a suit with a fashion lace jacket, coat with a kind of small condole, bright, with a bead piece, colorful patchwork, sexy bust out.

2, the bridesmaid dress not too short, so as to avoid outdoor activities when exposed, do not tally with the situation.

3, the design of the bridesmaid dresses to some concise than the bride. Dress styles between evening dress and casual dress, don't choose long mop the floor, so too grand, can focus on the small formal attire.

4, grande toilette to low-key, don't too revealing, otherwise it will rob the bride's thunder